1) Make yourself relatable by using a clear headshot. People like talking to people more than they like to engage with a faceless brand!
2) Optimize your twitter bio, for maximum relatability. Don’t be afraid to brag about who you are!
3) Get yourself a header photo! Images must be sized = 1500 x 500 px. Try a design app like Canva, if you’re weak on graphic design.
4) Add a URL in your Twitter bio, to your website or contact page!

Getting Attention on your Tweets

5) Tweet links like this: [Key point] – [your link] #hashtag, and additional information if you feel it’s needed.
6) Mix up your content and interact! Don’t be afraid to comment on tangentially related content.
7) Are you a thought leader? Prove it! Add additional commentary to any informative articles you may tweet.
8) Try to keep your tweets as short as possible. People on the internet have no attention spans! Keep that in mind to help create tweets that they will happily engage with.
9) Choose content you tweet from a wide variety of sources.
10) Don’t be afraid to be funny! The internet has become a source of entertainment, and it shows you’re more than just a robot.
11) Share images in your tweets to increase engagement. This catches the eyes of your followers more than just text.
12) Be real. Tweeting observations that can easily be commented on is an excellent way to create engagement!

Amplify Your Engagement

13) Hit that “like” button, and retweet others! Especially with relevant content. This creates loyalty!
14) If someone asks you a question, or just asks an errant question you have the answer to — answer it!
15) Don’t just retweet anything! Keep it relevant and interesting. And definitely don’t retweet only content that relates to you.
16) If someone regularly retweets or replies to you, engage with them. You can add them to a list to ensure you always return the favors.
17) Tweet questions, as a way for your followers to interact with you.
18) Thank people who retweet things for you, particularly if they have a large following.
19) Run Twitter contests! Use hashtag #giveaway and create regular contests.

Making Sense of your Stream

20) You don’t have to follow back everyone that follows you. Follow what’s relevant, tweet quality content, and followers will come.
21) Use hashtags liberally. This increases the reach of your tweet, so more people can discover your content!
22) Create lists of people you want to follow and engage with. This will help you pay more attention to the chaos, and find the most relevant content to engage with.
23) Create public Twitter lists, too. This notifies the user, and they’re more likely to pay attention.
24) Save some time by using tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule tweets or see everything that’s happening all at once.
25) Blocking others doesn’t do much, but prevents you from seeing tweets from other people. You’re better off using Twitter’s mute function, to keep yourself from alienating people too much.

The Don’t’s of Twitter

26) Don’t send links to people directly unless it’s relevant. This is spamming.
27) Auto DMs are risky behavior. They look spammy, so avoid it.
28) Limit hashtags to 1-3 per tweet. This keeps your tweets easier to read while expanding visibility.
29) Be selective in what you “favorite”. People can see these, so make sure it won’t hurt your reputation.
30) Complaining and whining on Twitter is a bad look. You’ll attract more followers with a touch more positivity.
31) Know when to take conversations to a DM! If it goes longer than a few tweets, you might consider moving it to private.
32) Don’t repeatedly follow and unfollow Twitter users. It’s a bad look, for attention grabbing.

Making your Twitter Stream Look Professional

33) Use landscape-oriented images on Twitter! If the photo has a 2:1 dimension, it will look better in the feed, and gain more attention!
34) Use images as much as possible. Tweets with images get more attention and more interaction.
35) Pay attention to which tweets get the most attention. Try to incorporate those styles into future content.
36) If you’re B2B, you might get better engagement throughout the tweet. B2C gets an average of 17% more traction on weekends!
37) Don’t be afraid to tweet your article multiple times, and during different time zones for maximum exposure.
38) Schedule tweets throughout the day instead of posting them all at once. This ensures better visibility throughout the day.

Obtaining more Followers

39) Followers are only a small measure of success. Focus on quality and engagement, and track actual results ahead of how many followers you have.
40) Tweet content from larger accounts, and mention them in the tweet. This will help you gain more credibility, as you’re curating good content!
41) Follow 20-30 new people every day. This will slowly build your following with better quality over time.
42) Don’t follow too many people in a day! If you’re following too many people in a day, this could get you flagged as spam!

The Basics of Twitter Etiquette

43) Talk to people as if they’re in front of you.
44) Debating and chastising people is not well received. Light disagreements are fine, but causing trouble is another.
45) Don’t troll and don’t use off-color humor. This has hurt many reputations, and you certainly don’t want your tweets biting you back later!
46) If you’re live-tweeting an event, and you’re tweeting spoilers, make sure to note spoilers in the beginning of your tweet with “SPOILER ALERT” or something similar.

Preparing your Blog for Twitter

47) Create interesting blog post titles, so that people are more likely to click them when they’re tweeted!
48) Add social sharing buttons to your blog! They’re usually built in with many themes, but you can use AddThis or Sharethis!

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