Is Silicon Beach Web the best for me?

Our team consists only of the best and the brightest in our industry. We believe that if you don’t succeed, then we don’t either!
We are goal-driven, focused, hungry for success and ready to work with you to help you develop and refine your vision.
In short, yes. We are.

Why is there a monthly fee?

The monthly fee is used for maintaining your website after design and development to ensure that nothing goes wrong, as well as any hosting or any additional packages you have chosen.

What’s included in the package?

It all depends on what you need! Our packages are custom designed to include services such as SEO/SEM marketing, professional website design, web management, digital marketing strategies, consultations, branding, and more! It all depends on what you need, and we’ll clearly outline each line item for you.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept verified card payments such as Mastercard, Paypal, VISA, and eChecks.

How long will it take to complete my new website?

Our turnaround time for complete website development is two to three weeks on average, provided all payments are made successfully. It ultimately depends on your needs and how well you work with us. If we need additional information, it will take longer if you don’t get it to us in a timely manner. Your participation is crucial to our success!

Do you provide website hosting services?

We do! We provide hosting for all our clients! This is included in your pricing. If you simply wish to use us as a host for your existing website, we can do that, too!

Why do I need a mobile/responsive site?

More and more customers are now doing most of their browsing with mobile device. In fact, according to Google and Bing, 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile! Hence, the need for a mobile-friendly website.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide website marketing support, hosting support, and technical support. We also offer phone support, e-mail and live chat support for all new and existing clients!

Is website maintenance included?

Our website packages do cover maintenance, which is included in our monthly payment plan. This includes monitoring, changes and additions, troubleshooting, and general maintenance.

What other services do you offer?

Aside from full service digital marketing services, we have developed a collective of incredible writers to help develop and manage your website and its content! From crafting compelling copy for your site pages, blogs, and general advertising, we can meet your marketing needs at any level!

What SEO services are included in the Classic Package?

The Classic Package provides you with a website fully designed to be responsive, user-friendly, and brilliantly built to help you rank, with a focus on keywords in your niche. In addition, the package includes your site submission to top search engines as well as link building.

Can I update my own website?

With our web maintenance, we offer options of modification on your website in case of update or modification of information or content. We also provide you with important tools needed to help keep your site updated easily and frequently!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Don’t fret, you are fully covered! Great service delivery is our objective, because your success is our business! In the event that you’re not satisfied with our service in the first month, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Why do I need local listings?

If you want to be found locally, you need these! Not only do they create what’s called a backlink to your site, but they also have the potential to generate traffic themselves, when they’re properly optimized!

How many pages are included with my site?

The Classic web design package includes 10 pages of content. You aren’t limited to only 10, however. We find most businesses don’t need more than that.
However, if you have a lot more to say, you can add additional pages at an additional cost per page.

Is this package right for my business?

The Classic package suits any business that wants to establish their online presence, with the intention of growth and expansion! This is the epicenter of your online presence, and we design this package to work with cutting edge technology and effective marketing strategies.
If you need SEO services, social media engagement, and other forms of online marketing, you certainly need a website for your business!
Ready to grow? We’re happy to get you started! Let us give your business the unique image and incredible service it deserves! Edge out the competition -- call or email us today!

Ready to grow your business with us? Let’s get started! We’ll give your business the unique image and unique services it deserves. Edge out the competition, call or send us a mail today!