15 Ideas for Highly Engaging Facebook Posts

No one on your Facebook fanpage wants to hear about your last date night. 

Too many people fall into the trap of not knowing what to post on Facebook business pages, and end up treating it like they would treat a Facebook profile. Ultimately, these people will give up and assume that social media marketing isn’t helpful for them.

It’s easy to think that simply because you post on social media, that it’s enough to get your business name out to the masses. However, there needs to be a strategy in place, for each post, to expand opportunities to expose your business to new customers. 

Not only do you have to maintain consistency in frequency of posts, but you also must consider that posts must be relevant and engaging to make them actually effective.

As experienced social media managers, we understand simply broadcasting content is not enough to make a social media campaign successful. There are a huge variety of ways to bring attention to your brand, without outright telling people to pay attention.

Give them a Reason to “Like” You

No— you don’t have to bribe them.

Loyal customers will always  “like” you on Facebook simply because they know you, trust you, and actually like your business. That said, it doesn’t necessarily bring you business unless they’re actively sharing your content. 

In social media marketing, not only do you have to learn how to create loyalty, but you must also expand your visibility! Getting more eyes on your brand helps create more potential for new customers walking in your door!.

Making an impression on new potential customers is important, if you’re using social media to advertise your business. If you’re using social media to market your business, you must get them to like your product before they actually get it. 

Expanding your visibility is where the secret sauce lies in any social media campaign.

That simply means you need some juicier content to help create a brand that people know, like, and trust.

15 Ideas for Highly Engaging Facebook Posts

Ideally, you want to make sure you post good quality content that’s fun, informative, and engaging, with a mix of content that is 100% your own! 

If you have a blog for your business, share those links along with the occasional post about what you actually do. Keep in mind, however, that you’re going to need more content to keep it interesting and help you retain and gain more fans! 

Here are 15 ideas for highly engaging Facebook posts, to make your social media presence more robust. 

1) Ask Fans to Make a Choice

This is a bit like playing a game with your followers! You simply offer them a chance to engage you and others with a “this or that” post. 

Keep it lighthearted. For example, if you’re a boutique, you can post two dresses in the same color and ask “Do you like outfit A or B?” This can start excellent engagement within your comments, which is known to help boost overall visibility of your page!

2) Share Images Relevant to your Brand or Business

You’ll always want a bit of text, but photos are more visible and more likely to be interacted with. Using a photo in your post is especially important to entice your audience and stimulate them so they interact with you. 

If the image evokes an emotion, it’s more likely to perform better than a generic stock photo!

3) Engage With Other Brands

You could be territorial, but to what end? There are dozens of opportunities to interact with other brands, and potentially create synergy among their audience and your own! This is especially true on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Keep it genuine, however. Treat it as if you’re talking to another human. Remember; this is *social* media. As such, it is essential to build relationships to strengthen your own brand! 

4) Ask their opinion!

People love complaining or otherwise providing their opinion. It’s human nature! When you ask in the right way, people will respond faster than you might expect! As for any additional benefit here, you’ll get incredible insight that might help you create more future content!  

Not only that, but asking opinions about your customer experience could help create customer loyalty, if you implement their suggestions. It’s a win-win situation!

5) Tell them What to Do 

Internet customers want everything handed to them, including an easy way to take action. If they don’t know right away how to get what you’re offering, don’t take a chance on missing out on their business. 

Whatever you want them to do with your post, tell them! This is called a Call-to-Action, and it’s designed to prompt your audience to do something. Whether it’s to prompt a comment, ask them to share a post, or even opting in to your email list. 

6) Add a Boost to your Best Posts!

If you have a good post that seems to be doing well organically, you can add a little boost! It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, either. Just boost your post for $5-$10 here and there, and maximize engagement.

The more engagement, the better your overall reach. Try to do this at least once per week, to expand your audience. 

7) Share Relevant News and Topics

This all depends on what type of business you are running, but this can easily be applicable for all industries!  Just think about what your audience will want to see, and share content related to your business that bridges the gap between what you do, and their interests.

For example, if you’re a weight loss clinic, you might want to consider adding and sharing recipes that are healthy, or informative posts about nutrition. This can stimulate interest in your brand, as well as cater to the needs and desires of your audience. 

8) Adjust Your Post Frequency

If you’re noticing low engagement, perhaps you simply aren’t posting enough. We usually recommend a minimum of once per day!

Posting too frequently can hurt your chances of being seen in someone’s feed, too. Social media algorithms dictate what users see, particularly if it’s relevant to their interests. Try to post 1-3 times per day at different times, and try to find your sweet spot for both content creation, and within your audience. 

9) Make ‘em laugh!

Even if it’s just a meme. A jovial touch to your social media presence will add a little personality to your brand. Make sure the humor is relevant to your audience, to keep their interest high! 

10) Share Content From Your Other Channels

You should abide by the best practice of creating unique content for each social media channel, but you should also understand that not everyone follows you on every single social media platform. 

If you’re struggling to create, and need to fill in a few blanks, don’t be afraid to borrow from your previously used content. Especially if that piece of content performed well, in terms of engagement. 

11) Get Emotional 

Create something that appeals to your audience on an emotional level, but also tells stories relevant to your industry. 

Sharing sentiment that makes people care is key to growth, and fostering human connection.

12) Provide Your Audience With Value

Any time you go to create a post, ask if this provides the user any value. 

Make sure there is a takeaway for them, as you tell your brand’s story every single day. 

Will they laugh? Will they learn something? Inspire value to enhance their day, and elevate their trust in you as a resource within your industry.  

13) Recycle Quality Posts

Not everything has to be brand spankin’ new all the time! 

Dip into your old posts and see which ones have performed well, and determine whether or not you can tailor it for another social network, or edit to make it relevant to the present day. 

14) Celebrate Holidays, Even the Silly Ones

Pi[e] Day, National S’mores day, National Burrito day, etc.!

Possibilities for these posts are limitless, especially if you’re a business that focuses on the celebration in question. There are plenty of real holidays, and fake ones, but they can be a fun and whimsical approach to keep your brand high vibe! 

15) Curated Content

You should be promoting your business, but not too often. 

Your social media audience is designed to gain awareness of your brand, first. That’s marketing. You want to maintain interest, while promoting your business. Source high value content from various blogs or news sources, which will keep a healthy mix moving for your fans! 

Do you have more excellent ideas that have worked for you? Comment below, and tell us more! And check out our article with Tips on How to Slay Social Media Algorithims!

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