5 Reasons Why You Need Killer Blog Content

If you have ever spent any time in Digital Marketing circles, you may have heard the phrase “Content is King”! Some marketers have said otherwise, but many people in the field know the truth; there is nothing quite like providing killer blog content. 

There are many ways to boost the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, but putting out bad content for the sake of keyword diversity is an ineffective means to develop authority and create trust from people who visit your site, hoping to find answers.

Do you want the content crown? Not only are there benefits to making content that is shareable and engaging, but there are several ways good content can help boost your overall marketing efforts.

Here are 5 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in Your Content Marketing:

Excellent for SEO

It’s simple: Google uses more than 200 different signals to determine page rank. These “signals” can range from links pointed to the website, the quality of the page linking to your website, and how clicks the website and its links get on social media.

Not only that, but the amount of keywords on your site also has an impact on how search engines rank your pages. Not only is excellent content shareable and easy to promote, but it should also contain keywords that people are actively searching for, in order to actually make a positive impact. 

Increases Traffic

If people are sharing good quality content and search engines are ranking you properly, this will ostensibly lead to increased traffic. While traffic boosts aren’t immediate, each and every post will build your overall page authority, leading to you getting more effective results over time. More effective results means that eventually, your cost per customer acquisition trends downward!

Encourages Engagement

It’s simple: people share amazing content that they found valuable. While it takes work to develop content that is engaging, having people share your work is worth every minute. Simply put; create something really good and promote the heck out of it!

Good quality content that is well-written breeds trust, and helps to establish your brand as an authority in its industry.

Generates New Sales and Leads

The more eyes that see your brand leads to more sales. With good, targeted content, this takes it a step further. 

Good content allows you to fine tune your audience and traffic. To do this, you must create content that they want to see, while you establish your knowledge about a subject. This leads to more qualified eyes on your brand. 

Say, for example, you’re a chiropractor. Are you going to blog about something only chiropractors would find funny or interesting? 

No — that will only attract other chiropractors. 

What you want to do is create content that your potential and existing clients and patients would find interesting. This provides you with credibility. The more credible you are, the more your potential client will trust you. 

If you run a health practice, providing customers with valuable wellness and health information is a fast way to create trust, provide them value, and make them more willing to share your content. 

Adds Value To Your Website

You could have a 5-page website that is basic and only provides a small amount of information, or your could make your website a workhorse that also provides value to clients and potential customers. 

The more value people see in your website, the more they will share, and that creates more visitors that are like your target market. That also translates to a boost in SEO, simply due to sharing. 

Higher quality content will lead to higher quality results.

In conclusion…

Your website should be designed as a workhorse, if you want to gain business from it. Websites don’t work, simply because they’re built. 

They don’t even work simply because they’re pretty. 

Ultimately, a website will work when it has many trust building factors in place. This creates a steady flow of targeted traffic, which creates qualified leads, and can boost sales.
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