We all know we need a website, these days, to ensure that we can be found online. Having a website is practically required, these days! If you’re looking for some online marketing tips to make your website work a little more effectively, you’re in the right place!

Marketing to customers online is easier than ever, but only if you know what you’re doing. It’s cost effective, and you can even optimize your audience and learn exactly who you’re reaching, and you can even see how people are reacting to what you are doing. These stats and more can help add shape to your campaigns, as long as you’re using the information effectively.

Best Digital Marketing Tips

1) Know Your Audience

You can advertise to anyone, but will they buy your product, or are you spending money on the wrong eyes? 

Marketing is an impressions game. Imagine you’re driving along the highway, and you see dozens of billboards. Not all of them are relevant to you. However, imagine if every single billboard on that stretch of highway was customized to your personal preferences and experiences. 

It would appear that whoever bought those billboards knew what they were doing. Except, this isn’t a highway; this is the Internet. There are dozens of ways to ensure your content is being seen by the right eyes, or at least eyes more likely to convert. You wouldn’t try to sell wine to a teetotaler, after all!

Research your target market, or hire a consultant to do it for you. Think about what your typical customer looks like and go from there. In fact, Facebook has a built-in feature that helps you see what your current audience looks like, and you can easily build a lookalike audience that matches the same behaviors. It just takes a few clicks!

2) Write Blogs

Not only can a quality blog help create trust among your consumer base, but it can help your SEO exponentially. Writing longer blogs that are full of quality information is even better. 

This creates keyword diversity, which helps create a digital ecosystem unique to your own blog. Not only that, but it creates additional value to people visiting your website. When you prove yourself to be a reliable source of information, you are building trust before you ever meet them!

3) Backlink

Many people wrongly assume that backlines just generate traffic themselves, by encouraging people to click through them. While that may be the case in a few instances, that isn’t the true power of a backlink.

When a link is created on a website with a higher domain authority, this sends a signal to Google and other search engines that your site is a credible source of information. This could boost your rankings for various keywords in search engines. When people link to you, it serves as proof that you are an authority that can be trusted.

4) Internal Linking

This is something that just about anyone can do, if you know your way around your website’s backend or CMS. 

Not only can it help boost your search engine rankings, but it can help customers find new pages, and distribute page authority through your website. Moreover, it can help keep customers on your site for even longer, which also aids in boosting your reputation in terms of search engine authority.

5) Refresh your content

When you update content on your website, this sends signals to search engines, which gives them a reason to continue crawling and ranking your website. This also helps keep people coming back to your website, and return traffic is an excellent reputation booster for search engines! 

The more you change or blog on your site, the more search engines crawl your site. This will help you maintain your stellar reputation, or build a new one if you’re just starting out!

5) Have an Excellent Website Design

If you haven’t updated your website in awhile, it’s probably time to consider a facelift. If it isn’t mobile optimized, organized, or good to look at, you may want to consider a change. 

Don’t fall behind the times. Consider a professional web design consultation today!

7) Effectively Using Interstitials 

Also commonly known as pop-ups, you must use them effectively or risk alienating customers or taking a dip in search engine rankings. Website owners typically use these pop-ups to capture email address to use in other forms of marketing. 

In 2017, Google made changes to penalize websites that use interstitials poorly. This, however, does not mean you should rule them out as a potential lead generator. All this means is that you should not use these pop ups in a poor fashion. They shouldn’t be obstructive and should be easy to click out of, when they do pop up. Moreover, it’s even better to set them up after a user has been on your site for more than 30 seconds. This can easily be achieved in most plug-ins, or by your developer.

8) Integrate Social Media

It is essential to have a social media presence these days. Potential customers will judge you based on this, alone! Social media is a valuable tool to help foster discovery, drive traffic to your website, and further enhance your overall SEO.

Besides, once you have a customer on social media, it’s even easier to advertise to them with boosted posts and keep your business at the top of mind!

9) Email Marketing

Don’t ever overlook the power of email marketing! People have to opt-in for this to work, which means they’re very interested in your business. It’s cost effective, easy to track, and you can easily outline your demographics with the right software!

You can capture emails via social media, or with the aforementioned interstitials! Use your online properties together; not separately.

10) Take Advantage of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool, with tons of valuable information to website owners. It can help you gather more data than you ever expected on your website visitors. You’ll learn how they got there, how long they’ve spent on your site, and you can even see why they clicked out of your site, or if they’ve abandoned shopping carts! 

Here, you can pinpoint points of opportunity to help make the most out of your website. 

To wrap things up, you want to make sure you use your online properties in a way where each one feeds the other. This creates a veritable online ecosystem that’s designed to convert and boost your overall marketing efforts. 
Digital marketing is all about creating trust, and keeping qualified eyes on your brand. If you don’t have the time to do it all, or aren’t sure where to start, we’re happy to work with you on your marketing strategy. Schedule a time for a free consultation, to see where marketing can take you!


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