Content Planning

Content planning is the art of planning content to create intrigue and trust, with you as the authority. If you don’t know the purpose of content planning, we’re digital marketing experts armed with the ability to teach you more about how and why to carefully plan your content, for maximum results.

It’s all about your reputation.

Creating a brand identity and reputation starts with the content you post. This builds trust and creates familiarity and authority.

People develop a preference for things they see most often, creating familiarity. This is a psychological concept that has been used to increase conversions in marketing for as long as marketing has existed!

Part of building a brand is increasing the amount of people familiar with your business. People familiar with your business will continue to trust you, when you’ve proven yourself as an authority. This, in turn, leads to trust. People buy from brands they trust, and therefore are more likely to buy from you than from that random Joe Schmo, without content authority, who also happens to sell protein powder.

When you look at conversions from the viewpoint of the consumer, it’s easy to see why they need to trust you in order to give you their hard earned money.

Content is multifaceted

You might have heard the phrase “content is king” in digital marketing circles. This is related to customer acquisition.

For B2C, and especially B2B, many of these buyers will get acquainted with a brand through several pieces of content before they make first contact with your sales team. As for B2C, content will generally create additional buzz around a brand, boosting visibility through search results and content sharing.

Additionally, if you don’t want customers to forget about you, you can utilize content to keep your business in front of their eyes. After all, it’s cheaper to maintain a customer than it is to acquire new ones.